I Keep Dwelling On This and It’s Aggravating

“It’s a damn shame when the party of the individual operates like the Communist Politburo.”

In 2000, I served as a volunteer attorney for the President’s campaign.

In 2002, I served as a volunteer attorney for the State Republican Party’s 72 Hour Task Force and helped several candidates run as Republicans for Congress.

In 2003, I made phone calls for Cole Thomason’s race for city council here in Macon.

In 2004, I again served as a volunteer counsel for the President’s campaign while running a GOP state senator’s race, a GOP state representative’s race, and the GOP county chairman nominee’s race here in Bibb County, Georgia. I also gave up a month of my law practice to fly to California and help a Republican friend running for Congress in a tight race. At 3 a.m. the morning after the November election, I was in a hotel room in Secaucus, NJ, with my bags packed ready to go to Ohio in case the election results were challenged.

In 2006, I helped a good friend get elected to Superior Court. He’d been a precinct chairman for the county GOP, a county chairman for Governor Perdue’s campaign, a fundraiser for the President, and had served for four years as the general counsel for the local Republican Party. What did the Republican Party do? Under the guise of the judicial race being “nonpartisan” they publicly sat it out and privately several of the most active members helped a very nice guy, but one who had not played any active role in the party for at least a decade.

Right now, I run the largest Republican group blog in the country helping advance the party and the issues.

Read on . . .

This year, there are no Republicans running in any seats for City Council except two. I’m one of them. No one at the party asked me to run. Only after the paper reported I was thinking about it did the local party chairman call. In fact, I had more Democrat friends encourage me to run than Republican friends.

I’ve taken to supporting a couple of Democrat candidates in the city’s Democratic primary. I have a sign in my yard for one of the Democrat mayoral candidates in this primary battle. I figure the Republican has zero chance of getting elected save the intervention of God Almighty. And in any event, I’ll be voting for the Republican in the GOP primary, along with myself. But given the odds of the Republican winning, I think it is pretty damn important to make sure a credible Democrat gets the Democratic Party’s nomination.

In three other races, there are several good candidates, two of whom I’m actively supporting and helping. They will, I strongly think, vote the best way possible on issues and not just follow the Democrat party line — not that there really is one on the local level on most issues. One of them, I’ve actively helped organize his campaign. Another one, I encouraged to run and gave money to.

Saying all of that, I was dismayed to get an email last night from a friend in the local party telling me that if I continue to help local Democrat candidates I should get off the GOP Executive Committee. That thinking is what got Macon, GA Jack Ellis as mayor. I strongly remember the election of 1999, in which I played a role. The local party strongly encouraged Republicans to sit out the Democratic mayoral primary. The result? Jack Ellis won. Had the GOP gotten in the race, they could have turned the thing around.

And now we have local party members trying to repeat the mistake. I guess they think building the party is more important than saving the city, or have somehow conflated the good of the party being equivalent to the good of the city.

I disagree. And I will not stop helping good people get elected, regardless of party, at the local level. Party matters at the county level, arguably. It matters at the state level. It matters at the national level. In the City of Macon, with only 2 Republicans on a City Council of 15? Finding the best people, regardless of party, is what matters.

If you think otherwise, well, I can’t say anything that won’t be insulting at this point.

It’s a damn shame when the party of the individual operates like the Communist Politburo.

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  • I think all Republicans should subscribe to this thought on the local level. And why Macon’s city elections should be non-partisan.

  • Well, what in the devil took you so long to find out that the Republican Party in this County is nothing but a RINO party. I got the big picture when the local GOP endorsed the SPLOST, and not a person listened when I gave ample reasons why not to vote for more taxes when Brown and Williamson had just announced that they were closing along with Keebler.

    Even, Ken Jones went along with the SPLOST and I see his building is now for sale in Macon. How many businesses have closed in Bibb County, since we had two back to back sales tax increases?

    And then the mantra was vote for this SPLOST, so we can pay off debt. How many loans have we got in the two years for such things as fixing the tennis court and I suppose court house repairs. There is not a dime’s difference in either party in this town. I do not understand why you are backing Lance Randall for Mayor that does blow me away. Lance cannot even write his own plan for the City for goodness sake. To me, you should be backing Mr. Reichart for Mayor. But maybe, I am not in tune with the game your playing.

    I got help when I ran for office from some very good people in the local GOP, like Elmo, Cecil and Charlie and many fine friends of mine helped as did my clients, which are also my friends. But the players in the party were in the game for one reason only, which was to advance themselves with appointments, etc… Good luck in your position in City Council. And I wish the City Council members and the Macon Telegraph would stick the Convention Hotel plans up where the sun don’t shine!