I Know A Guy

I know a guy on local radio. He is a liberal. He was a liberal in Texas, where he is from. He got a radio gig in Texas and was a liberal. He supported gay marriage. He supported drug legalization. He supported abortion. He supported increased taxes, increased minimum wage, and increased unionization. He was a liberal.

Until he was not.

He lost his job in radio because, as you can imagine, there is not a huge market for liberal talk in Texas. But he wanted to stay in radio. The only way to stay in radio was to take a job at a conservative talk station in a different state. Suddenly he was a conservative. He opposed gay marriage. He opposed drug legalization. He opposed abortion. He opposed increased taxes, increased minimum wage, and increased unionization.

He was exactly the opposite of who had been, but was in a market far removed so how could anyone ever know?

That was before the age of the internet. It is hard now for a leopard to change its spots without people noticing. It is going to be very hard, after this election, for the Trump champions of the GOP to suddenly reverse themselves.

Larry Kudlow, someone I have long admired, has fallen into this trap.

In August of last year, he penned this column on why Donald Trump’s protectionism will hurt the economy. He also argued strongly in defense of TPP last year But, then at the Republican Convention this year after Trump made TPP a campaign issue and opposed it, Kudlow walked back his support of TPP.

the TPP has a lot of things wrong with it. Not only the reduction of foreign tariff rates and non-tariff barriers, which in many ways is highly inadequate, in my view. But also there is decision-making processes by various commissions or whatever we call them, that will not be made by the United States.

I bring up Kudlow because I’ve long admired his intellectual honesty and have been sorely disappointed with his descent into Trumpism and away from the free market ideals that long set him apart.

It is not just him, however.

Jason Miller, who worked for Ted Cruz, said all sorts of things about Trump online. He savagely berated Trump on his propensity to lie and flip flop, but now he’s going on television with a straight face arguing that online polls at the Drudge Report are more accurate than actual, real polls.

There are a ton of Republicans out there right now defending Trump to the hilt who want to be rid of him on November 9th. They are counting down the days until they can wash their hands of him. But in the age of the internet there is a record.

To this day, bad things I did a decade ago for which I have long since apologized repeatedly, are still brought up to discredit me. These folks are going to be in a whirlwind of character attacks and questions. And they will be deserved.

The Trump phenomenon is driven in part by people really tired of the cynicism in Washington. Real people have real problems with real lives on the line and the DC politico set seem to jockey and position to their own advantage while ignoring those problems.

The Republicans who hate Trump, but who are publicly wearing their Trump paraphernalia are only going to do more damage after November 8th when they turn with gusto and admit they never really believed Trump could win and never liked him anyway. They’ll damage themselves and their party and their ideas. They will confirm in the minds of many that the system is beyond repair and needs to be blown up. It will make the situation even worse.

And here’s the kicker.

That guy in radio? He has never quite been successful. Why? Because people can tell he is not the real deal. They can tell in his voice and the way he says things that he is speaking conservatism as a second language. These Trump champions who privately hate Trump, if they wait till November 9th to repent of their support, are going to have a hard time being treated seriously.

What they need to realize now is that the people who are the biggest cheerleaders for Trumpism: Chris Christie, Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson, Robert Jeffress, Mike Huckabee, Jerry Falwell, Jr., etc., etc., etc. have no future in Republican Party politics without Trump. They were already put out to pasture and used Trump as a way to come back in like Maximian back from retirement. They are done now. The sun sets on their fortunes.

You don’t want to wind up like them. You don’t want to be a washed up local radio host who parrots lines he doesn’t believe to make a quick buck. Don’t be that guy.

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