I Like This Pope

He says what needs to be said.

Pope Benedict performed the first baptisms of his pontificate on Sunday, using the occasion to launch an impassioned denunciation of irresponsible sex and a “culture of death” that he said pervaded the modern world.

Pope Benedict, abandoning his prepared sermon, compared the wild excesses of the ancient Roman empire to 21st century society and urged people to rediscover their faith.

“In our times we need to say ‘no’ to the largely dominant culture of death,” Benedict said during his improvised homily in the frescoed Sistine Chapel where he was elected Pope last April.


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  • Good words by the Pontiff; Europe is in drastic need of action. To offset culture of sexual promiscuity and death the Gospel of Christ has to be actively ministered to a population that has abandoned Christ. The fault: the ministry of the Gospel, both Catholic and Protestant.