I Oppose Hillary Clinton and Her Donor, Donald Trump

Donald Trump will now, after Indiana, go on to get the 1,237 delegates needed to become the Republican nominee. Conservatives who oppose Donald Trump will now spend the next seven months being blamed for Trump’s eventual loss. But we oppose Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For different reasons, neither is fit for the office of President and at some point responsibility to the nation must trump (no pun intended) responsibility to a political party.

I could no more vote for Donald Trump for President than I could David Duke. Nor can I in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton.

The fact that Trump supporters will now spend seven months blaming conservatives for Trump’s defeat instead of admitting his general election chances are doomed will not persuade me to vote for Trump. His supporters will have to own his defeat.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump should be acceptable to any principled conservative or evangelical Christian. As Charles Spurgeon said, “Of two evils, choose neither.” Neither candidate is fit for office. Hillary Clinton’s actions with her email server and Benghazi disqualify her. Donald Trump embracing the support of white nationalists and peddling internet conspiracy theories disqualify him.

From here on out, it will be somewhat refreshing to cover this race hating them all. Republicans will say Trump has not yet set about attacking Hillary. The truth is that she has not yet set about attacking Trump. Republicans may have attacked his small hands. The Democrats will be far more substantive in their attacks with opposition research the Republicans never even pulled out.

I suspect by December even most Trump supporters will deny they supported him.

The coming general election will be the nastiest and most brutal in American history. Both sides will work not to win votes, but to deny the other side votes. That will involve attack after attack and little persuasion. And on this Clinton has a real advantage in that Trump already starts this general election with massively higher unfavorable ratings.

The Republican Party is broken and is not, for now, a viable opposition to the Democrats. Principled conservatives will have to go elsewhere even as the charlatans heckle them as helping Hillary Clinton.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I will also not vote for her donor, Donald Trump. But one man in Georgia is irrelevant to his winning or losing. What is relevant is that independent voters, female voters, and Hispanic voters all find Trump unacceptable now before the Democrats spend $20 million in the next month to define Trump further.

This is going to end badly for the GOP. Everyone knows it — Republican leaders included — everyone knows it except Donald Trump’s supporters.

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