I Question . . .

I question the seriousness of the Democratic Party. They have been so intent to cut off funding to the troops in Iraq, they passed the bill and then held it for a week so Nancy Pelosi could read it. Or was that to print it on parchment. Their unserious excuses have been all over the map for the past week.

Witness the seriousness of the President who vetoed the bill upon receipt versus the unseriousness of the Congressional Democrats who wanted to time the delivery to the anniversary of President Bush’s speech aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, only to deny that today and tell NPR that the timing was a “coincidence.”

Witness the seriousness of the Congressional Republicans who attended all the briefings with General Petraeus while the Democrats mischaracterized the General on the floor of the Senate and had no interest in meeting with him.

I question the Democrats’ seriousness. I question the Democrats’ patriotism too.

There, I said it. I do question the patriotism of the Democratic leadership — the same leadership that called our troops Nazis on the floor of the Senate. They say the war is lost and the troops need to get out, but Nancy Pelosi was in no hurry to appoint conferees on their bill. Nancy Pelosi was, however, in a hurry to get to Syria and now Iran to meet with our enemies.

I question Harry Reid’s patriotism. He says the war is lost and we need to come home, but he wants to slowly bring the troops home — slowly bleed them. Does Harry Reid not think the troops still in Iraq next year are as worthy of salvation as those he wants to bring home now? If the war is lost, why not bring them all home now and save them all from further loss unless you view the troops more as pawns than heros.

The Democrats ignore the commanders on the ground. Reid says he does not believe what Petraeus says. Jack Murtha calls our soldiers liars. The forces in Iraq report that failure to pass the supplemental will measurably hurt them; yet the Democrats want to play games.

Russ Feingold repeatedly says Iraq is like Somalia. Osama Bin Laden credits our failure of resolve in Somalia with his impetus to aggressively attack us. The Democrats pass their “slow bleed” plan, their words, not mine, and “hugged each other while . . . smiling” on the floor of the House. Nancy Pelosi, whose party while in Congress mostly backed the war, now claims the war was conducted on false pretenses. She, in effect, accuses the American President of lying to start a war that would kill American troops.

The Democrats say they support the troops, but they have consistently sought since 2002, to undermine the efforts of the troops, the military leadership, the cause, and protective measures the Bush Administration has implemented to keep this nation safe — from terrorist surveillance to unionization of the Department of Homeland Security to the Patriot Act.

You’re damn right I question their patriotism.

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  • Cool. It’s about time the Republicans got serious about the Iraq stabilization and reconstruction. If George and the gang haw woken up four years ago we might have had a chance to get the job done.

    BTW why are we running the war on planned emergency expenditures? Why weren’t troop needs and mission requirements taken care in the last Budget? You know the one written by the majority Republicans.

    You guys can’t even convince William Buckley jr, George Will, and 75+% that things aren’t going poorly. Perhaps the problem is not in your stars but in yourselves. Perhaps it’s time for redstate to face the fact that George botched this from day one and that we have other enemies and issues to deal with that Iraq is blocking.

    My guess is that we’ll give the surge until the end of September to have worked and then it will be time for the Iraqis to stand up because irrespective of their actions after 5 long years and hundreds of billions of dollars we’ll be standing down.

  • I question Republicans’ seriousness and patriotism all the time, so join the club 😉

    Seriously – I found this comparison of how America reacts to battlefield conditions and how Israel is reacting to be very enlightening:

    Whereas the Cheney/McCain/ Lieberman/Kristol faction continuously shrieks that recognizing our failures is to aid and abet the Enemy — and therefore we should simply shut our eyes and yell “Victory!” as loudly as possible until we win — the Israelis debated the war from the beginning as candidly and critically as can be, and recognized and openly acknowledged that it had gone terribly awry.

  • I think the American people are sick of hearing about the patriotism of the Democrats. Most of us already know the Republican position on that. What we don’t know and would like to find out is how the American military involvement in Iraq ends. Right, wrong or otherwise the Democrats have an answer to that question. All we get from the Republicans on that question is unserious rhetoric like what you wrote above.