I Smell Trouble

This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen:

Senator John Kerry tells TIME that he “almost certainly” will send a team to Iraq “within the next few weeks or months” to help him formulate his Iraq policy positions. “I may ask some Democratic colleagues and experts to go to Iraq and make this assessment so I have a strong basis on which to proceed,” he tells TIME’s Perry Bacon, Lisa Beyer and Karen Tumulty on his campaign plane from Washington, DC to Florida last week. He mentions Senate colleague Joseph Biden, chief campaign foreign policy adviser Rand Beers and longtime Kerry Senate aide Nancy Stetson. But, says White House communications director Dan Bartlett, Kerry’s “mission to finally understand what is happening in Iraq reveals once again that (his) attacks are based on politics, not facts.”

Of course, it sounds like a disaster for the Kerry campaign. No doubt the Bush campaign will be able to easily portray this as Kerry playing politics with foreign policy.

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  • Folks, you better expect this from Kerry….sounds very “diplomaticese” to me…….i.e. United Nations……let’s form a commission and study the problem for months; then we negotiate our different positions for months; then we argue about the wording of the statement we issue for months…IN THE MEANTIME THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BLOW TO BITS.


  • Kerry’s reps will find any and every soldier they can to gripe, piss, moan, and complain. And, if they can get some to say they witnessed war crimes, all the better. I hope he does this. It will blow up in his face. (no pun intended)