I Think Laura Ingraham Really Misses Something Important Here

I do understand Laura Ingraham’s points on Trump. I just disagree that she can believe him. She and I have had several arguments on this and I still think I will be proven right in November when Trump sees an electoral disaster probably with no third party to blame.

But I really think in the audio posted above, Laura really misses something fundamental. A caller calls in and says he can’t support Trump because of Trump’s moral failings. Laura pulls a tactic of the left to respond to him. She says the other guys who held the office did immoral things too. She cites Ronald Reagan’s divorce and Lincoln suspending habeas corpus.

First, I think we should leave Lincoln out of it. Lincoln was already President when he suspended habeas corpus and the Civil War had broken out. It was illegal for him to do it, but to be bringing up an event from 1861 by a sitting, duly elected President as justification for supporting Donald Trump is ridiculous.

As for Reagan, his wife, Jane Wyman, sought the divorce. He tried to preserve the marriage. But Reagan acknowledged being derelict in his marriage and being partly to blame. He then went on to marry Nancy and they stayed together.

As Laura said on her show, everyone falls short. Everyone is a sinner. Even Russell Moore, today, noted that Trump is right about Moore. Trump called Moore a nasty man and Moore’s response was that Russell and everyone else really is nasty, but for the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The problem here is that Russell Moore acknowledges it, Ronald Reagan acknowledged it, and even Lincoln acknowledged his moral failings. They did not celebrate them. Trump does. He has bragged about his affairs. He has bragged about his sins. He has said he has never asked for forgiveness.

That is the important difference here.

Republican voters are, for the first time, being asked to support a man who celebrates his moral failings and whose supporters celebrate those moral failings. Trump’s supporters are defining deviancy down with claims that “well they all do it!” That is exactly what the left does. To the left and now to Donald Trump’s supporters, there can be no moral failings because everyone fails morally. There can be no immoral people, because everyone is immoral.

We on the right should not stoop to the level of the left and cast off shame and moral culpability. But that is exactly what Trump and his supporters are asking us to do.

Every man is a sinner. But not every man celebrates his sin. Republicans should not start now.

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