I Think We Are Getting Played By This Romney for Secretary of State News

The weekend after the election, Donald Trump met with Mitt Romney and all seemed fine and right with the world. Reports began circulating that Trump intended to offer Romney the job of Secretary of State. Nothing much else happened.

Then, all of a sudden, loud voices arose as news stories started trickling out that the Trump team was divided on Romney. Suddenly, the Trump base got very, very loud against Romney. He would be a betrayal.

But really?

We have seen in the past week that Trump voters who were adamant that he would throw Clinton in jail, and were insistent on that even after the election, suddenly are declaring how brave and bold Trump is to magnanimously let Clinton free.

If Trump rejects Romney now, his base will say, “See! He listens to us.”

If Trump nominates Romney now, his base will say, “See! He is his own man and is trying to unite the establishment with us.”

Either way, Trump comes out smelling like a rose. He either forces the media to walk about its stories about how he will be staff led and staff dictated to by showing them he will make his own mind up, or he causes more reports about how he is beholden to his base and this is Trump’s party now.

It really is masterful. You just have to admire the way Trump can play the media in any direction he wants and the media goes for it willingly.

“Look! Squirrel. A tweet!”

The only person who comes out of this a loser is Mitt Romney. He either becomes Secretary of State and gets to be the scapegoat when things head to the crapper, or he gets rejected and ridiculed by Trump’s supporters.

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