I Voted Republican For President

The first Presidential election in which I could vote was the race between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in 1996. I had the pleasure, that year, of driving in Jack Kemp’s motorcade as he toured Middle Georgia. Being the chairman of the College Republicans at the time, I got to be the lead car behind the limousine. I did not realize it at the time, but Ed Feulner was one of my passengers.

I have always voted Republican for President and really hated the thought of not voting for a Republican this time. I believe in personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets, and limited government. That’s the Republican Party I know.

It has been very disheartening this year to see Hillary Clinton running against one of her friends — a Clinton donor no less — posing as a Republican. In the process, Trump has abandoned free markets in favor of government controls, responsible healthcare in favor of a government take over, and market based wages in favor of an increased federal minimum wage. Like Clinton, he supports gay marriage, transgenders in my daughter’s bathroom, and funding Planned Parenthood.

What a race.

Today, however, I cast my ballot. In addition to voting Johnny Isakson for the United States Senate, I voted Republican for President.

Evan McMullin is the Republican in this race. He put his life at risk for his country in the CIA. He learned finance at Goldman Sachs. Then he worked for Republicans in the House of Representatives. Unlike either Hillary Clinton or her donor, Donald Trump, Evan McMullin is a real Republican and far more conservative than either of the others.

My wife and I both wrote in Evan’s name in Georgia. It is my hope that millions of other Republicans will do the same so that the Republican Party knows that its voters will not support an immoral cretin for the highest office of the land.

Character still counts, so I voted for the only man in the race with good character — Evan McMullin. You should too.

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