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I Want a Different Political Party

Wanted: a new political party. Must be pro-life and not hostile to people of faith. Must oppose authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Must support the First Amendment even when disagreeing with the statements and actions related thereto. Economic policy is preferably conservative. Strong belief in federalism a plus.

It’d be great if the pastors who fought for the racial reconciliation resolution at the Southern Baptist Convention started a new a party. The one I under whose mantle I ran for office and was elected, the Republican Party, seems not much different from its opposition party. One is totalitarian. The other is authoritarian. One is hostile to minorities and uses them as window dressing. The other does the same.

The big dividing line issues are really on abortion and, some would say, religious liberty, but most Republican leaders will cave on the latter if given enough money.

I don’t feel at home in the GOP. They won’t fight for what they claim they believe in. Their voters are increasingly attached to the same strong man/strong government rhetoric as the Democrats.

I want something new that encourages state level cultural and economic differences. I want a party that doesn’t take pro-life voters for granted, but doesn’t turn off socially conservative minority voters.

That party does not exist. But I wish it did.

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