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  • Dude,

    You are one big flabby Southern fatboy. Take some pride in your appearance or ask the videographer to use only headshots.


  • Congratulations on the appearance! The story, though, was mindblowing! I simply cannot imagine an elected leader, in America, making such blatantly un-American overtures! I posted about it on my blog (link below), urging my small cadre of reader to contact you, expressing their displeasure in your mayor! He does not represent America!

    We wish you well as City-Councilman! Do Macon proud (particularly since they must be overwhelmingly embarrassed by their current mayor; you’ve got your work cut out for you!).


  • Way to go! I have started a new blog in Word Press for individual liberty and freedom and to support Ron Paul for President. You fight against the tyrants, well i have news for you everyone that is running for President as a Republican with the exception of Dr. Ron Paul is confused about individual liberty that the Constitution guarantees. Vote for the man who truly undersatands the Constitution as well as Thomas Jefferson did, vote for Dr. Ron Paul. Visit my blog and comment, and I do not delete anything unless it is downright vulgar. I believe in freedom of speech!