I Was Wrong

I am so cynical about the Team Romney effort from 2012, I got one wrong the other day saying I thought the Our Principles PAC effort was doomed to fail.

Last night, I changed my mind. I played their ad on my radio show once in the 5pm hour and once in the 6pm hour. My show has a massive drive time audience on the most listened to talk station in the country.

The reaction from the audience was mind blowing. Phone lines lit up by people. They all had the same story. They were on the fence between Cruz and Trump or undecided completely. With one exception, the whole of them turned against Trump.

The ad is damn effective because it does not attack Donald Trump. It just lets Donald Trump speak.

I got it completely wrong, thankfully, and owe Katie Packer an apology. She did good work on this. Be sure to click up top and watch the Our Principles PAC effort, which is being cut into commercials.

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