I Will Vote for Evan McMullin

As much as I have longed to vote in Peyton Manning, on Election Day I will vote for Evan McMullin in Georgia. You should consider the same.

In many states, you will find Evan McMullin on the ballot. In some states, like mine, he is a qualified write-in candidate. I will write him in.

Evan is an actual Republican. He is actually conservative. He is actually a man of principle. He actually is someone we can be proud of. He has actually served his country. He actually understands Syria, Russia, and email servers.

So many people are saying they have to hold their nose to vote for their candidate or they are voting for their candidate because they hate the other candidate. With Evan, I do not have to hold my nose and I actually like him and can vote for him.

Evan is not the lesser of two evils, but an alternative to voting for evil. You should join me, in your state, in voting for Evan McMullin.

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