I Wonder If Obamacare Covers Trump Derangement Syndrome?

This is insane–literally insane.


I generally don’t read Vox, because it’s time better spent blowing leaves out of my garage or cleaning my AR15. But Amanda Prestigiacomo at the Daily Wire has done a service to me and you by reading a Vox piece titled “I’m a therapist. Here’s how I help patients traumatized by the election.”

“I am a psychotherapist — specifically, a trauma therapist — in New York City. And in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s win, patients and colleagues told me they felt less safe walking down the street. ‘I feel like I did after 9/11,’ one said. ‘People on the subways look like they are in mourning,’ said another.”

Seriously. These people are deranged. They’ve so convinced themselves that the entire country was on the precipice of a thousand years of reason, the rejection of religion, God, and guns, and the permanent shuttering of Fox News in favor of Mother Jones and The Village Voice that they have lost their connection with reality.

The fact that any Democrat could possibly lose to Donald Trump was beyond their conception, and therefore they suffered a psychotic break when reality failed to conform to their perception.

“For those surprised by how shaken they feel in the aftermath of Trump’s election: These feelings and experiences are valid. Now, as trauma survivors, we must hasten to stabilize ourselves and to create a sense of communal safety by coming together in solidarity,” Teng writes. “Only then can we take appropriate and mindful action to demonstrate our strength. We must demand that all of our elected officials, from our city council persons to President-elect Trump himself, make every effort to heal our American body politic. The first step should be for our leaders to make sure that every American — particularly those targeted and demonized during this campaign — feels safe and welcome.”

I am no psychotherapist, but I think common sense dictates that one doesn’t treat a mental illness by coddling the illusion which caused it. It seems like the author of the Vox piece, Betty Teng, wants to create an entire community of deluded individuals who believe that Trump’s election is the equivalent of the worst terror attack in American history.

Were I a health insurance adjuster, I’d deny the claims from this quack. The best way to deal with delusional mental illness is to start integrating the patient back into reality, isn’t it?

The reality is that about 60 million voters thought that Trump had something to offer which Hillary Clinton lacked, and that regardless of the beliefs of psyche-damaged urban delusional liberals, Trump will become president on Jan. 20.

In 2008, when Barack Obama won the presidency (and I wasn’t personally too happy with John McCain as a candidate, but did vote for him), I didn’t run off to get therapy. I sucked it up and accepted that Obama would be president. In 2012, when Mitt Romney lost to Obama, I didn’t call my psychiatrist (not that I have one).

No conservative publication or website I know of ever published–in 2008 or 2012–a piece offering therapy, comparing Obama’s win to PTSD or 9/11, or attributing every -phobia and -ism to him. Some questioned his birthplace, but not the serious news and pundit sites.

Liberals, more than anyone, deserve to have a President Trump. He is their therapist, and their therapy all wrapped up in one package. They’ve treated the world as their personal reality show for far too long. They’ve mocked, ignored, and persecuted everyone and anyone who disagrees with their opinions of how the world should work and who should be running it.

Now the one person who began his political career as an Obama Birther is about to occupy the Oval Office. It’s like taking an acrophobic up to the top of the Freedom Tower’s antenna, or taking an agoraphobic to a Black Friday sale at Walmart. Trump is tough love and a reality check for all these safe-space mental cases who think they need a therapist to tell them they’ve survived a trauma.

I think maybe these china-doll fragile psych cases should consider switching to decaf, and taking a double-dose of Prozac (or Lexapro, or Zoloft, take your pick) until the twitching stops. Until then, there ought to be a new entry in the DSM 5 called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” characterized by a feeling of meaninglessness, trauma, depression, and physical symptoms stemming from the cognitive dissonance experienced by their worldview collapsing.

Then maybe Obamacare would cover it.

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