Well, Kerry finally realized that some rules do apply to him.

Bowing to pressure, John Kerry decided Wednesday to accept the nomination at the Democratic presidential convention in July, scuttling a plan to delay the formality so he could narrow President Bush’s public money advantage.

“Boston is the place where America’s freedom began, and it’s where I want the journey to the Democratic nomination to be completed,” Kerry said in a statement released by his campaign. “On Thursday, July 29, with great pride, I will accept my party’s nomination for president in the city of Boston. From there we will begin our journey to a new America.”

The statement ended four days of controversy over an idea that was supposed to remain a secret for several more weeks.

All of that was said through gritted teeth. Heh.

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  • It was a truly dismaying self-inflicted wound. Some stories suggested Teddy K was upset since not accepting the nomination would diminish the importance of the convention in Baaaaaston..