If Cruz Is Responsible For A Fake Facebook Page, Trump Is Responsible For The Holocaust

Joseph Goebbels famously said “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

And that is a lie, because Goebbels never said it. But Mark Twain said “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” He did say that (if you believe that I’ll sell you a bridge) and it goes double on Twitter. Such as it is with Ted Cruz–now everything that happens is Cruz’s diabolical plot to steal the election, and his denials are lies.

And…the reaction from anti-Cruzers:

Then it spreads to Cruz supporters who invent conspiracies that Rubio planted the fake page attacking himself, or Trump did it.

Listen folks, the world is full of kooks. If we were to judge Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by some of the kooks who support them (yes, they have kooks in their camps like all candidates), then the King of Kook Attraction, Donald Trump, would be judged responsible for the Holocaust and the KKK.

(WARNING: Kook alert, click the links below at your own peril.)

Because Donald kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. Because 38 percent of Trump supporters wish the South had won the Civil War and some of them believe whites are a superior race. And someone claimed that Bill Bennett may have said “They will kill him [Trump] before they let him be president.” They.

Why Trey Gowdy, a prosecutor and excellent investigator, would fall for such kookage and somehow implicate the Cruz campaign in it is puzzling, but of course falsehoods abound and the record must be set straight.

The parade of “liar” claims is like death by a thousands cuts. Every denial seems like it’s false, but if you don’t deny, they assume you’re agreeing that you play dirty. It’s like answering “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” every day.

I’ll be glad when South Carolina is behind us. I’ll be glad when the mud-slinging tones down a bit. But it’s very possible the worst mud slinger will be the one left standing.

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