If Donald Trump is the Nominee, This Will Be the Press’s “47%” Attack

Remember Mitt Romney caught on tape and the “47%” remark? I did not think it was that terrible, but the press turned it into a huge deal. By the time the election rolled around, Mitt Romney lost because over 80% of Americans thought Mitt Romney was a cold hearted SOB who did not care for them.

The press has largely held its fire on Donald Trump. But the closer he gets to the nomination, the more we will hear about this.

“Eighteen years ago, Wojciech Kozak helped build Trump Tower, the skyscraper jewel in Donald J. Trump’s real-estate empire. Today, Mr. Kozak recalls that time with nightmare memories of backbreaking 12-hour shifts and of being cheated with 200 other undocumented Polish immigrants out of meager wages and fringe benefits.

”We worked in horrid, terrible conditions,” Mr. Kozak said of the six months he spent in 1980 wielding a sledgehammer and a blowtorch in demolishing the Bonwit Teller Building on Fifth Avenue to make way for Trump Tower. ”We were frightened illegal immigrants and did not know enough about our rights.””

This will be Trump’s 47% remark. There will be television interviews, 60 Minutes stories, and commercials with the workers who say they were victims of Donald Trump’s cold heart.

Low information voters are going to get an earful of these stories. Just wait.

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