If Hillary Clinton Were a Man, She’d Be Indicted

Let’s review the statement from the FBI director.

Hillary Clinton had access to classified emails that were classified at the time she received them and in some cases sent them.

Her email servers, because it turns out there were multiple servers, were unsecured and hackers obtained email addresses from her emails. While there is no direct evidence that hackers read her emails, the FBI thinks it is likely.

Her conduct was extremely careless and she deleted emails that were not handed over to the FBI. Additionally, her lawyers never read all the emails, but the FBI did and discovered the classified nature of the emails.

Additionally, Hillary sent personal emails with classified information in those emails.

While the FBI director says there appears to be no “intent” to do wrong, the law regarding the handling of classified materials does not have an “intent” standard.

If Hillary Clinton were a man, she’d be indicted. We know this because David Petraeus was indicted for less. He had an affair and, as part of careless whispers, mentioned classified information to his mistress.

But Hillary Clinton, according to the FBI, need not be indicted. It is because she is a female with the last name Clinton. Any one of you reading this right now would have been indicted.

There’s only one thing left to happen now — Donald Trump will say something ridiculous to take the attention away from Hillary Clinton’s clearly criminal wrong doing that is being shielded by the Obama Administration.

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