If It’s Not Sarcasm, Giuliani Appears To Be Very Sick

Ten days ago, Erick noted an unfortunate remark from Rudy Giuliani and speculated that the former Big Apple mayor may have Alzheimers.

At the time, I took it with a healthy dollop of sarcasm. But Wednesday, the Washington Post editorial board asked “Is Rudy Guiliani okay?

Also — we’re noting this purely out of concern — during his speech he often licked his lips, indicating dry mouth, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, can be a symptom of nerve damage, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of his address, beads of sweat were visible on his pate — did that not suggest heart disease?

Mr. Giuliani is just 72, but he seemed slightly stooped as he walked to the lectern, where his wide stance made us wonder if he’s unsteady on his feet. Then there was his slurred diction, as when he referred to “jushtified” police shootings and Syrian “refyoongees.” More evidence of a stroke?

Of course, WaPo’s editors followed up with “all of the above is ludicrous” and then speared Giuliani for spreading stories about Hillary Clinton’s health.

But if it’s not sarcasm, maybe both have a modicum of truth to them. Clinton makes herself as rare as Pokémon Magmar, hiding behind statements, short speeches, and frequent rest days. She’s done nothing to dispel what WaPo calls “scurrilous and debunked theories” about herself. If they’re so scurrilous and debunked, then why does the Beltway’s newspaper of record have to circle the wagons to say so?

As Hamlet mused, “The lady doth protesteth too much, methinks.” Or Clinton doth protest too much, as Andrew Klavan mused in The Los Angeles Times 10 years ago.

After reading the WaPo editorial board’s hot take, I’m more inclined to believe that Erick was right, hold the sarcasm.

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