If Jordan Spieth Were Trump…

Donald Trump has taken a campaign breather to “focus on New York.” He’s abandoned Colorado and California, skipped the Sunday talk shows for the first time since November, and if he were living in his mother’s basement that would describe his Twitter activities fairly well.

Meanwhile, in the real world, 22-year-old Jordan Spieth totally blew a 5-shot lead at the Masters, losing to Brit Danny Willett in an epic collapse. That’s golf–it happens.

If Spieth, ever a gentleman, who had to suffer the embarrassment of fitting the green jacket on Willett after his dream of back-to-back, wire-to-wire Masters victories splashed into Rae’s Creek, were Donald Trump, he might have tweeted something like this.






These are fake tweets. Just in case you think that people in the real world would actually be this way. In the real world, Spieth has not been on Twitter since April 3, and I’m sure he will do nothing but congratulate Willett on his win.

Trump, on the other hand, stayed classy.

Yeah, it’s too bad that Spieth, who was 5 shots ahead on the 10th tee after leading the entire tournament, had to actually finish the back nine to win. I’m sure that Trump has lost a round or two that way–ask this guy. After boasting on the 14th hole that “the kid put up a good fight, didn’t he?” Trump imploded and lost.

He was so embarrassed that he didn’t congratulate me or say anything. He shook my hand and didn’t even make eye contact. It was definitely the talk of the club for a while.

Res ipsa loquitur.

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