White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway listens to a question from a reporter during a press conference at the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention at the Wilmington Convention Center in Wilmington, N.C., Saturday, June 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Mike Spencer)

If Kellyanne Conway Worked in the Obama Administration…

The media seems to love to ridicule Kellyanne Conway from accusing her to being an idiot to accusing her of leaking. Of course, as she notes, if she were a regular leaker the media would give her a pass to let the information keep flowing.

It amazes me to see how the media treats a strong woman helping Donald Trump. Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Hillary Clinton were all confused by a YouTube video thinking that caused a terrorist strike in Libya. Valerie Jarrett was…well…Valerie Jarrett.

Kellyanne Conway does a solid job for a President who likes to go off message. She does her best to massage the message and keep the White House on message. She is willing to defend the President when, at times, others will run from defending him or come up with an excuse not to. She has the pulse of the conservative movement and has the White House focused on the movement. While everyone is paying attention to Comey, the President continues to deregulate, cut the budget, roll back the Obama Administration, and appoint conservatives throughout the Administration and judiciary. He does so, in part, because he has a capable advisor like Kellyanne who knows how to capture the President’s attention and harness it for the cause.

Throughout the Obama Administration, multiple female staffers botched their jobs or leaked copious amounts of information. But the media turned a blind eye because they were fellow ideological travelers and all were essentially part of Team Obama.

Kellyanne Conway does a good job under occasionally trying circumstances and the media treats her terribly. You can “But Trump!” all you want, but the reality is that if Kellyanne Conway were pro-abortion or had a “D” next to her name with everything else the same, the press would hail her as a hero breaking a glass ceiling.

Full disclosure: I’ve know Kellyanne for more than a decade. I know what a terrific person she is and am absolutely happy to defend her. I would note that many of those most savage toward her do not know her at all.

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