President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing room at the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

If Obama Wants Republicans, What’s He Offering Us?

President Obama proclaimed Donald Trump as “unfit to serve as president” today. That’s the strongest condemnation we’ve heard so far from the White House.

Here’s one oft-overlooked fact. The people best qualified to know whether a man is fit for the office of POTUS are other presidents, right? Exactly zero living presidents have endorsed Donald Trump. Pretty much all of them, who are able to speak their minds, have echoed the same thought: the man is an unqualified disaster (in every sense that can be used).

The GOP had its chance to nominate a real person versus Cheeto Jesus, and whiffed. The New York Times doesn’t even bother calling Republicans wrong anymore, they just call us “the stupid party.”

(I need not recount their reasons for doing so–although, with great relish, they did. Oh, and it wasn’t a Democrat who proclaimed the GOP as dunces–it was Max Boot, a foreign policy adviser to John McCain, Mitt Romney and most recently, Marco Rubio.)

We’ve established that a Trump presidency will place the most singularly unqualified man possibly since Andrew Johnson into the White House, and Republicans who support him such as Speaker Ryan are playing for influence. Every argument for Trump invokes the hope that advisers and confidantes will be able to tame him. They ignore the fact that Trump habitually lies and makes contradictory statements. Their best argument is that not voting for Trump will hand the election to Hillary.

So let’s go back to the batter’s box.

If Trump isn’t going to close the deal with conservatives, then maybe we should ask the devil himself–Obama, what he will do. If the GOP wants to make deals with the Trump devil, then it’s only fair for conservatives to make their own devil deals.

We already know that a Clinton presidency may just amount to an estrogen-enhanced version of a third Obama term. In fact, Obama will be staying behind in Washington to remain as shadow president. We know that a significant bloc of Republicans and independents could swing the election one way or another. We know that Trump is a disaster for the GOP down ballot, unless Republicans come out and vote.

Let’s turn the argument around: what can Obama (and even Clinton) offer Republicans in exchange to mass-repudiation of Trump? What can they use to buy votes? Apparently Obama administration officials are so comfortable with the thought of another Democratic administration that they’re not even slowing for a speed bump in regulatory changes.

Are there any efforts Republican lawmakers (who have been so eager to negotiate with the White House before) can leverage in exchange for walking away from Trump? At least one Republican Congressman has endorsed Clinton. Rep. Richard Hanna of New York’s 22nd district went with Her. He’s retiring so he’s got nothing to lose. What can Republicans get from the Democrats (who will probably win anyway) before it’s too late?


Of course, I’m joking.

The point is to show how transparently fake is the logic of those who think Trump’s presidency will be so much better than Clinton’s. Trump is inherently not a better candidate than Her. He’s just running as a Republican.

The Republicans have already lost, no matter what the outcome in November.

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