If the Media Did Not Lean Left, This Would Be The Lead Story Today

When George W. Bush fired U.S. Attorneys, something within his constitutional power to do, it became a several week long story in the press. It was political, it was helping friends, it was stopping investigations, and the press never really dwelled on the fact that George W. Bush was perfectly within his constitutional right to do it.

Now consider this story.

The President is in the middle of a re-election campaign and sends the spokesmen for his administration into the public square to lie about a national security incident while knowing the truth. Back in the 1990’s, Democrats in Washington actually held hearings on whether George H. W. Bush had climbed aboard an SR-71 Blackbird in 1980, while running as Reagan’s Vice President, to get the Iranians to delay release of American hostages.

The House and Senate of the United States actually investigated this and the media ate it up.

If character still counted and the media still had credibility left, it would be a really big story that 50 days before the 2012 Presidential election, Barack Obama sent out administration personnel to lie to the American public about Benghazi. They claimed publicly that a YouTube video caused the attack, which they claim started as riots.

The House of Representatives’ investigation uncovered a detailed chronology of Obama Administration emails and documents that prove the claim was both a lie and that the Administration knew it was a lie before putting it out there.

The Administration sent out staff to engage in lies as partisan tools so that Barack Obama’s re-election campaign would not be put in jeopardy. Had a Republican President done this, the media would be demanding independent counsel investigations and firings. But they will protect their precious.

The Administration knowingly lied to the American people and press to sell the Iranian deal. The Administration knowingly lied to the American people and the press about Benghazi.

And these lies come in confluence with other lies and distortions. The media, led by those close to the Administration, aggressively played up Omar Mateen’s gay relationships, then walked away as quickly as possible when the FBI said it was not true. The administration called Fort Hood “work place violence” and dragged their feet on calling the Chattanooga terrorist attack a terrorist attack.

The press has willfully collaborated with the Obama Administration to let them lie to the American public. The press has willingly collaborated with the Obama Administration to deflect with “they did it too-isms”, pointing to Republicans. The press now dismisses the Benghazi report as a partisan hit against Hillary Clinton that fell flat.

The real story, if there were any real journalists left in America, is that President Obama had his national security and state department staff lie to the press and public about Benghazi because he was fifty days from re-election. They threw the first amendment under the bus, blaming a YouTube video, because to do otherwise would have been to admit failure and incompetence just days after Joe Biden had boasted that GM was alive and Osama Bin Laden was dead.

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