If The UN Would Evict Israel From Jerusalem, Trump Should Evict The UN From New York

America is paying to host and support an organization which betrays allies that share our love of freedom and shields dictators and human rights abusers from justice. No more. President-elect Trump, you should seriously consider evicting this hive of corruption.

Past Republican administrations have found the UN to be a somewhat useful tool in building consensus against the despot of the day, but the body has outlived its usefulness. It has taken on two singular missions: the promotion of secular humanism, including unquestioned belief in manmade global warming; and the opposition to the State of Israel as a Jewish homeland. Since President Obama embraces all of that, he has found the UN to be a welcome audience.

In one of his last, and possibly most significant acts as president, Obama threw the UN a giant Christmas present in abstaining from the latest attempt to criminalize Israel for doing what Israel has every legal right to do. Unlike his legal Hail Mary to ban most Atlantic and Arctic oil drilling, the president’s gift to UN globalist anti-Semites cannot be undone by President-elect Trump.

But Trump can go a long way to undo America’s relationship with the UN. The body owns the site at 405 East 42nd Street in Manhattan which it purchased on Dec. 11, 1946 from William Zeckendorf. Interestingly, Trump has been compared to Zeckendorf as early as 1983, when he was in his late 30’s and taking New York by storm. The property that Zeckendorf practically gifted to the international body for just $8.5 million is now worth hundreds of times that price.

What keeps the UN in New York is the city’s convenience, international flare, and deals with the State Department that allow nearly 1,600 diplomats to do as they please, scoffing the laws of our land. At one point, New York City was owed $21.3 million in unpaid fines from 700 consular-licensed cars in the city.

The United States pays around $8 billion to the UN and its affiliated organizations every year. We pay $3 billion a year to pay for administrative and “peacekeeping” budgets. Most of that is for peacekeeping, and represents 28 percent of the total.

Over the last six decades, the share of the U.N. expenses borne by poor or small member states has steadily ratcheted downward to near- microscopic levels. From 1974 to 1998, the minimum mandatory payment for the regular budget for example, fell from 0.04 percent to 0.001 percent. For the peacekeeping budget, the minimum is 0.0001 percent.

The body lacks any transparency or discipline in its budgeting, spending, or flagrant violations of  human rights. Yet it grants diplomatic immunity and protections to a rogue’s gallery of sex exploiters, terror promoters, Holocaust-deniers, and Jew-haters. These same people vote over and over again to criminalize tiny Israel for building on sites not much larger than the UN headquarters 17 acres in Manhattan.

All of Manhattan is 14,605 acres. The West Bank, including all annexed land since 1968, is just slightly larger than the borough–but we’re talking about the “C1” land which Israel retained in the Oslo Accords. That’s about 1,500 acres total, on unoccupied land. Israel legally built homes and apartments there and now the UN has made Israeli residents criminals, subject to prosecution in international courts. Further, Jerusalem is the “eternal capital of Israel.” That’s written in Israel’s Basic Law–their Constitution.

Evicting a country from its capital is not a function of the UN–taking sides in a 70-year feud where the Arab League walked out of the UN in 1947 rather than approve the original Partition Plan for a two-state solution is nothing but naked anti-Semitism. Yet that’s what Obama’s disgusting abstention allowed to happen.

Israel, for its part, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rejects the UN Security Council resolution. Netanyahu called the move “shameful.” And it is.

It makes absolutely no sense that UN diplomats in New York City get away with such heinous crimes as rape, sex trafficking, and what amounts to slavery, on U.S. soil and in places around the world, funded by American taxpayers, while Israelis are made criminals by the same organization while the U.S. stands aside.

President Obama simply laid bare the UN’s awful mission to destroy Israel, and for the first time in 50 years, allowed it to proceed without fulfilling our moral duty to veto resolutions that single out Israel by countries that withhold even the most basic freedoms from their own citizens. This is a moral outrage for Americans.

When in office, Trump should move quickly to reduce, and revoke, the diplomatic privileges enjoyed by the remoras in New York using the UN for cover. The UN’s life on the East River should be made as difficult as possible. Access to public streets, airports, and the high life of Manhattan should be curtailed. And when the UN pushes back, maybe Trump can negotiate to buy the 17 acres back for a few billion dollars (we pay it to the UN anyway).

Let them build in Havana, or Montreal. Not on U.S. soil. Not now.

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Steve Berman

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