Protesters and immigrants rights advocates gathered at Castle Clinton National Monument, the physical departure and arrival point for tours of the Statue of Liberty, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, in New York, as President Donald Trump's immigration order sowed more chaos and outrage across the country. Travelers were detained at airports, while panicked families searched for relatives and protesters such as these registered opposition to Trump's executive order that was blocked by several federal courts. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

If This is True, the Immigration Executive Order Needs a Pause

I do not think the President’s executive order on immigration from six Middle Eastern countries is anti-Muslim. It is targeted at six countries President Obama and prior Presidents listed as state sponsors of terrorism or that have significant terrorist activity internally. There are 52 countries with a Muslim population of 50% or more and this affects six. It is not anti-Muslim and to call it that is a flat out lie. It is anti-terrorist. It does not give Christians a leg up, but gives a leg up to any persecuted religious minority.

As an aside, several people have pointed out that it is rather sever anti-Islamic bigotry to say the order should be retracted lest it stir up violence against Americans in Islamic communities. Are you saying the supposed “religion of peace” is violent? But I digress…

There are now news reports circulating and Republican United States Senators saying that the departments of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security were never consulted and did not review the executive order before it was released. It is clear that the White House did a terrible job explaining the executive order. Having read it, I think it is legal and constitutional, but objectively think it needed to be worded better.

I do not oppose the order and think the basis for the order is sound.

But if the agencies that are entrusted to implement it were not first consulted, this is unwise and the order should be paused, retracted, and redrafted to accommodate the input of the various departments and agencies.

We are seeing this weekend that if Donald Trump says the sky is blue there will be protestors in major cities and news cameras with the protestors to cover their objection to the sky being blue. The President better make damn sure the sky is blue before doing anything.

As an aside, I say “if this is true” because in the past week we have seen the biggest fake news story is the media’s commitment to rebutting fake news. Three times this past week the media has played up stories that fit liberal perceptions about Donald Trump that turned out not to be true. I take it that this story is true because various Republican senators confirm it. Nonetheless, I must caveat this post with “if” because of the media’s poor job in truth telling of late.

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