If Transgender Bathrooms Are A ‘Distraction’ Why Is Target Paying $20 Million?

Peter Thiel told Republican delegates “now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?”

Target CEO Brian Cornell warned investors that his company is operating in a “difficult retail environment.”

Retail giant Target reported sales for the second quarter that fell more than 7% from a year ago…

[Target] said same-store sales, which measures sales at retailers open at least a year, could fall as much as 2% in the third and fourth quarters. Target also slashed its earnings outlook for the third quarter.

Yet…the company has announced a $20 million initiative to install single-stall, lockable restrooms in all its stores. Most of the company’s nearly 1800 stores already have them (family bathrooms), but 300 stores currently without them will receive the private bathrooms.

“It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy,” said Target chief financial officer Cathy Smith during a conference call on Wednesday. “Some of our guests clearly are uncomfortable with our policy.”

Target spokeswoman Katie Boylan said the policy had been enacted “some time prior to the shareholders meeting” in June.

She said the move is proof of its broad-minded outlook. “At the end of the day, Target is all about inclusion,” and the store overhaul is proof that “we are listening,” she said.

About 0.003 percent of the population cares about transgender restroom access in a real way–as in they are affected by it. If Target really believed in the “who cares?” argument proffered by Thiel, they wouldn’t be worried at all.

Smith said the boycott played no significant role in the sales drop, according to CNN Money. But, she added, “We are not satisfied with our second quarter traffic and sales performance.”

Of course not. And Hillary Clinton’s limiting of Clinton Foundation donors has nothing at all to do with the years of pay-to-play influence-peddling her family has engaged in, inside and outside the government.

Because who cares, right?

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