Demonstrators hold signs during a rally outside Trump Tower in New York on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

If Trump Can’t Be Your President, Join Michael Moore And Do This Now

Just a few months ago, Michael Moore correctly told audiences that Donald Trump would be the ultimate middle finger to the Washington establishment. And now that America has elected Trump, Moore can’t accept the compliment–he is calling for protesters to “disrupt the inauguration.”

So these people–bless their hearts!–at #DisruptJ20 plan to gather at McPherson Square, two blocks from the Whilte House, and four blocks from the Pennsylvania Avenue route the inaugural parade will take from the Capitol.

We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.

Yeah. I think they want to become dissidents, or martyrs, or something; I don’t know. I do know this: Anyone who signs up on that website won’t get within a mile of McPherson Square. The Secret Service is really good at figuring out who’s naughty and who’s nice for these kinds of events. It’s kind of their job, and Washington D.C. is kind of their home turf for doing their job.

So…for all the liberals out there who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. If you are one of the people who marched holding a “Not My President” sign, or who agrees with Obama lickspittle Valerie Jarrett that Trump’s win is “soul-crushing,” but disagree with her conclusion to accept the results of the election: feel free to sign up on the website.

Go there now and put your name on the list. I’ll wait.

Done? Now pack up the Kia Soul or the VW Vanagon and head for D.C. or bust for Jan. 20. If you make to the Capitol, you’ll experience the “bust” part in a very personal way.

I can’t wait to see if Moore gets to fulfill his dream of being strip searched by uniformed Secret Service (but if he does, please don’t share the video, because such things can’t be unseen).

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