PALM BEACH, FL: Newlyweds Donald Trump Sr. and Melania Trump with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton at their reception held at The Mar-a-Lago Club in January 22, 2005 in Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo by Maring Photography/Getty Images/Contour by Getty Images)

If Trump Wanted to Lose to Hillary Clinton, What Would He Be Doing Differently?

Consider this series of tweets from Maggie Haberman who is the Presidential campaign correspondent for the New York Times.

Again, Hillary Clinton is spending $59 million on advertising and Trump is spending $0.00.

And when you say that Trump is getting unbelievable free advertising from the press, remember his campaign is now complaining about too much media coverage. By the way, it’s not like it is favorable media coverage.

Likewise, he still isn’t growing staff or major ground game operations.

So I ask again: If Trump wanted to lose to Clinton, what would he be doing differently?

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