Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an interview with the Associated Press at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. Trump says that if heís elected president, heíll know within six months whether he can achieve an elusive peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians, one of the worldís most vexing challenges. But the Republican presidential candidate says he has doubts about each sideís commitment to the peace process. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

If Trump Wins, He’ll Need to Thank the Media

Trust in the American media is at a historic low for good reason. The media is biased toward the left, protects their precious that is Democratic control of the White House, and lives mostly in a neopagan worldview that worships science as a god and embraces leftwing social engineering even when it conflicts with that science.

Donald Trump’s arrival into the arena has presented the American press with a crisis. Do they keep up the veneer of objectivity or do they declare war on a major party candidate. The press corps has largely chosen the latter. They are not even keeping up appearances anymore.

Republicans raised legitimate issues about Hillary Clinton’s health — issues the media was willing to consider when John McCain was the GOP nominee — only to have the media declare those issues off limits. To consider them was, at a minimum, sexist. Working overtime, the media made sure to shut down all conversations about coughing. Such conversations were just crazy conspiracy talk.

Turns out Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, or at least now claims to have pneumonia. The press is eating up the story. Hillary is in line for sainthood for campaigning against Donald Trump while allegedly having pneumonia. I intentionally say ‘allegedly’ because for the past month we’ve been lied to repeatedly about Clinton’s health. Now the press is taking her statements at face value.

Her campaign spokesman says Clinton was running around Chelsea Clinton’s apartment playing with Mrs. Clinton’s granddaughter only a short time after a near collapse at the 9/11 event. A dehydrated Clinton with pneumonia was running around an apartment? Only the American press would buy that story so completely.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence goes on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and though he will not play word games with Clinton over David Duke, Pence condemns Duke. No, he will not say Duke is deplorable. But he condemns Duke and his ideas. The press is fixated on the former while ignoring the latter. But had Pence said Duke was deplorable, the next question would have been about another supporter, then another and another. Meanwhile, the press ignores that the deplorable American Communist Party supports Clinton.

I am no fan of Donald Trump’s. But even I can see the media refuses to play this fairly and honestly. They magnify absurdities of the Trump campaign while ignoring absurdities from the Clinton campaign. The Clinton camp whines that Trump is graded on a curve. Clinton is graded with a halo by the press.

Campaign 2016 is giving more Americans many more reasons to distrust and hate the press. At some point Americans are going to have such a hard time believing the press that they’ll just tune out the real basket of deplorables. Trump wins when the media overplays its hand. And frankly, in that case, he would deserve to win if only to teach the press corps a lesson.

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