If You Live in Virginia, Vote Nick Freitas For U.S. Senate on June 12th

If you want new Virginia blood to advance the conservative agenda in Washington, D.C., vote for Nick Freitas on 6/12.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is currently at a crossroads. It’s been turning blue over the years — at least since I moved here in 2012. Our state is one week away from holding its primary, June 12th, where the next Republican nominee for U.S. Senate will challenge former Democrat VP nominee and sitting U.S. Senator Tim Kaine. Virginia under Kaine and his fellow Democrat Mark Warner has put our state on a downward spiral. Our state is in desperate need of leadership in the form of new blood.

After painful gubernatorial losses in 2013 and 2017, narrowly losing to Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) in 2014, and barely holding control of both General Assembly chambers, the Republican influence in Old Dominion may go the way of California or New York if better candidates fail to run. That would be horrific.

There is hope for our state, however. That hope comes in the form of Culpeper Delegate and former Green Beret Nick Freitas. Those of us in grassroots circles here have known Nick prior to his run for U.S. Senate. (Nick hosts some of the best political fundraisers out there—marked by by good BBQ and mechanical bull riding.) Many of you have probably discovered him in recent weeks after he delivered this superb speech on the General Assembly floor in support of the Second Amendment in wake of smear campaigns against law-abiding gun owners from some of his Democrat colleagues. He is, without a doubt, Virginia’s best kept secret. And if he wins on June 12th, the rest of America will come to admire him if they haven’t yet.

I can personally vouch for Mr. Freitas’ conservative credentials and his character. He’s as conservative as they come—backed by his superb communication skills. I met Nick and his lovely wife, Tina, two years ago. Nick had just served out his first term as Delegate down in Richmond and was hosting a fundraiser. He had told me that he was a fellow California exile who fled the Bear Republic when the opportunity presented itself. (See, there are a lot of us California conservatives!) His movie star charm, sharp wit, positive demeanor, and command of policy issues captivated my attention and everyone else’s attention that day. I thought then and there, “This guy is going to go places in Virginia.”

Some have bemoaned Nick’s meteoric rise as “opportunistic” and “premature” but I beg to differ. Republican candidates have failed to win statewide in the last few cycles. I’m certain Nick’s endorsements from Leadership Institute’s Morton Blackwell, National Rifle Association, an assortment of federal and state lawmakers, and even the Arlington Sun Gazette’s approval will set him apart from his competitors leading up to Primary Day.

If you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia and desire to keep conservatism or some semblance of conservatism alive here in our state, vote for Delegate Nick Freitas of Culpeper this June.

I’m proud to endorse his campaign and hope you’ll join me in voting for him too.

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Gabriella Hoffman is a media strategist based in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. She has written for The Resurgent since March 2016 and serves as their D.C. Correspondent.

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