If You Politicize An Assassination Attempt on Trump, You’re an Imbecile

I, and many others, believe Donald Trump would make a horrible president, but that doesn’t mean we wish him dead. Nobody should make political hay out of an assassination attempt, and anyone who tries is an imbecile.

This has nothing to do with gun control. It has nothing to do with immigration. It has nothing to do with anything, really. Don’t try to make it into anything. Really: Stop.

Twenty-year-old Brit Michael Steven Sandford had overstayed his U.S. visa, was living out of his car, and somehow believed it would be easy to shoot a presidential candidate under Secret Service protection. So he went to a Las Vegas gun range, fired two full magazines from a 9mm Glock handgun, then showed up at a Trump rally to do this deed.

Obviously the youngster knows nothing about how the crème de la crème of protective details works. They don’t have their sidearms just sitting in a speed-draw holster. (If you carry, neither should you–free gun safety advice.) Even small town police know to keep their firearms locked in a holster so some idiot can’t draw them from behind.

But in England, they must not know this–maybe because there are so few guns there?

So ended this boy’s ill-fated, ill-planned, and ill-executed assassination attempt. Now he won’t have to worry about overstaying his visa, or where he’ll live, or getting money to live from his mum. He will be a guest of the United States, specifically the State of Nevada, where he has been charged with “an act of violence on restricted grounds.” It’s a felony that will earn him up to 10 years in prison.

Some of the online reactions here are truly imbecilic. “Illegal immigrant Arrested At Trump Rally” tweets one headline. If I didn’t know the story, I’d think it was a Mexican, not a troubled white Brit. And this one.


I suppose a blogger whose avatar image wears a thong with a .45 pistol jammed through her private areas needs to rethink her message a bit.

Here’s a more intelligent thought that exposes ignorance about the reality of buying a gun. Answer: No, you can’t buy a gun if all the ID you have is a British driver’s license. Trying may, in fact, get you deported.

And the inevitable call that the media is responsible for this.

Some are complaining that the media isn’t having some kind of apoplectic fit over this.

Anyone honestly looking at what happened will see that it’s not worth more than 30 seconds of news coverage.

Next, we’ll see liberals trying to shut down gun ranges or require background checks to walk into one (which will increase their operating costs) because a Brit walked into one. Wait, it will happen–I’d put money on it.

A dumb kid tried to do something incredibly stupid and failed because the Secret Service is very good at their job. End of story. Making this into anything else just makes you an imbecile.

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