Executive producer Harvey Weinstein participates in the "War and Peace" panel at the A&E 2016 Winter TCA on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

If You’re Going to Engage in Any More “Me Tooing”, Please Name Names

I get it and do not want to diminish it. There are a lot of people working up the courage to come forward now and tell of the sordid behavior they experienced in Hollywood. There have been some horrific stories.

But we are kind of at the Rubicon on these issues and need to cross it. There is safety in numbers on this and for a long time a lot of the silence was because people were afraid if they stood up, others would stay silent. People legitimately feared that if they stood and said someone had assaulted them, others would keep quiet and it would be the victim’s word against the rich Hollywood producer’s money and lawyers.

I get it.

But now we’re at the point of people posting stories to Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, Facebook, twitter, and elsewhere with extremely disturbing stories, admissions that multiple other people were so treated, and they still refuse to name names.

At some point, and I think that point is now, the people writing these tales are emboldening the monsters. They must be in a class of more power than Harvey Weinstein, or will surely think of themselves in such a class, if people are willing to stand up and take out Harvey, but are still too scared of these people.

Truth is an absolute defense to any lawsuit and if people are going to continue to trot out horrific stories of abuse without naming and shaming, then I can only think they must be far more concerned about protecting their careers than protecting others. All this talk of Hollywood now being at a point to take this on is just virtue signaling crap.

Without exposing the monsters to sunlight, they stay empowered to abuse and assault. At this point, me tooing does nothing but embolden the monsters when they are not named. Now they know they really can get away with it.

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