I’m Pretty Damn Tired of Having to Hold My Nose For a Candidate

I held my nose in 2008 and voted for John McCain. He was not a great candidate. His policies were wrong headed.

In 2012, I did the same with Mitt Romney. I wrote in November of 2011 that Romney would lose and Republicans would blame conservatives, which they did pretty quickly.

Now I’m being asked to hold my nose again and vote for Trump. The Trump people keep telling everyone it is our turn to hold our nose, as if many of us were not holding our noses in the past two elections — as if many of us were advocating those losers.

Many of these people are new to politics and unfamiliar with those of us who long opposed the Republican Establishment. We’ve lived long enough to see ourselves labeled Establishment by an angry horde that feels betrayed by all sides. These voters are as educated about a lot of us as they are educated about Donald Trump’s long history of being a liberal con-artist.

I’m done holding my nose for Republican Presidential candidates. I disagreed with Romney and McCain on many, many issues, but there is no doubt both were decent men with whom I disagreed.

Donald Trump’s only major accomplishment in 2016 is to bring out the absolute worst in everyone on all sides. His supporters are fueled by anger and have bought into a cult of personality wherein they will soon realize they’ve been played for fools.

What Campaign 2016 shows us is that the Establishment had done a terrible job, but those on the outside pushing Trump are doing even worse. They’ve put their anger ahead of their country and in trying to make America great again, they’ve set themselves up for a giant con.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of Trump’s supporters are people who made terrible decisions, found themselves in bad places, and blame “the man” instead of themselves. So they will turn to Trump to stick it to the man they blame instead of admitting their own mistakes and taking responsibility for their own actions. In their chronic history of terrible mistakes, they now want to make one for the whole nation to endure.

There are many other Trump supporters who, through no fault of their own, find their daily lives, income, and culture under assault from a minority of people intent on imposing politically correct regimes and censorship. So these Trump supporters are using Trump as a vehicle of revenge, damn the consequences to themselves. They are not seeing clearly in their anger.

Count me out. I held my nose in two straight elections. I will not hold my nose to vote for a jackass who is on every side of every issue, will say and do anything to get elected, and will be no more faithful to the voters than to the women whose beds he has shared.

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