‘I’m Tired of Being Called a Racist’ – Pastor Calls Out Media for ‘Fueling Hatred’ During Passionate Sermon

A California pastor spoke passionately from the pulpit on Sunday, telling his congregation to “choose hope, not fear” — a message he sent as our ever-divided nation continues to both praise — and decry — the election of Republican Donald Trump.

Pastor Shane Idleman of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California, discussed an array of issues, emphasizing the “the importance of speaking God’s truth,” praising churches as beacons of hope and expressing his belief that the media perpetuate divisive messages.

“The pulpits are vitally important for the condition of our nation, because they speak the voice of truth,” Idleman preached, saying there are forces that want to see churches silenced for this very reason.

It was a sermon Idleman said was based on his quest to emphasize truth to his congregation.

“The pulpits used to be the beacon of Truth and unity. Our silence is deafening,” he told Faithwire after the sermon was delivered. “This is not about Republican and Democrat, it’s about giving people the facts.”

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