Imagine SNL if it was Rush Limbaugh and Not Harvey Weinstein

Imagine for a second that evidence emerged that mega-church minister Joel Osteen had engaged for years in perverse sexual intimidation and harassment. Or imagine it was one of the Koch brothers. Or James Dobson. Or Rush Limbaugh.

Now ask yourself whether you think the late night hosts and the skit writers on Saturday Night Live might have given those revelations some attention.

You actually don’t have to imagine it. Remember the way they handled Fox News boss Roger Ailes when he was exposed for being a dirty old man. Remember the way they handled Bill O’Reilly when he was finally taken down for his perversion.

Yet when uber-rich liberal titan Harvey Weinstein was exposed for years of sexist, misogynistic, disgusting sexual misconduct, none of them could bring themselves to address it. It’s astounding when you think about how easy of a slam-dunk this was from a comedic perspective. Joseph Curl put it succinctly,

A known misogynist, with his big, fat, corpulent face and foul neckbeard, his mom jeans and baggy sweatshirt, not to mention his legendary temper tantrums — SNL could have a field day.

But this is a guy who has supported left-wing Democrat causes and politicians with tons of cash for years. He was the Hollywood champion of the Clintons and the Obamas, with Michelle Obama even praising him at a White House event as, “a wonderful human being,” and “good friend.” How good? They sent their daughter Malia to intern at his company.

To be fair, it’s possible that the former First Families were unaware that Weinstein was routinely pleasuring himself in front of females and pressuring them to give him massages while he was naked. Possible, but not overly plausible given the close ties both the Clintons and Obamas have with Hollywood and the fact that Weinstein’s perverse conduct was the town’s worst kept secret.

Hollywood types knew he was a sicko, but kept quiet because he’s a good leftist. Liberal politicians knew he was a sicko, but kept quiet because he wrote them checks. And now, even after the world has learned he is a sicko, liberal comedians are keeping quiet because he’s one of their own.

They are all proving to a watching nation that what matters to the American left isn’t women, comedy, or truth. What matters is money and political power. They deserve neither.

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