In Between

In between sickness and work, I have had very little time to blog lately. If you want, you can go over to RedState and check out our first podcast, which I produced.

I’ve got some good stuff, but no time.

By the way, on Thursday we’ll see if it’s a boy or girl. That will be really cool.

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  • Great podcast over at RedState and great idea to do the podcast. I don’t like the comments over there though. I guess you have to register or something. I like easy comments with no register like you have here.

    Every legislator should do a podcast for the people every day.

    Every legislator should blog for the people every day.

    I would like to get a project going to get every state legislator in the great state of Georgia set up with a blog and blogging for the people every day.

    Any state legislator who would not enthusiastically post a blog report for the people every day and allow reader comments deserves the utter contempt and scorn of the people.

    I have already got GA state rep Ron Forster blogging here….

    Also see Tennessee legislator blogging here….

    And Utah legislator blogging here….

    Bill Hobbs is trying to get every state legislator in Tennessee blogging for the people here……

    I think we should get a blogospheric competition challenge going to see which state can claim 100% blogging legislature 1st.

    see bill hobbs comments

    I think this could be the greatest thing to happen to this country since the Continental Convention.

    What do you think?

  • I left a big ol’ long comment and it doesn’t look like it posted.

    In regards to Nationwide Blogospheric Challenge to get all state legislators blogging for the people every day.

    See Bill Hobbs comments….

    Great work Bill Hobbs.

    I’m trying to work with Erick Erickson of to start pumping up a National Legislative Blogospheric Challenge.

    First state to get 100% legislature blogmanship participation wins the grand prize.

    Georgia has one now….

    Tennessee has one….

    Utah has one…..

    I say we get some big guns like Instapundit and start pumpimg up some kind of Huge Mongo National Legislative Blogging Challenge.

    First state to get 100% legislative blogging pariticipation wins the big prize.

    Ultimate goal would be to get every single legislator in the country blogging for the people every single day.

    We could set up one website that would be used as the National State Legislator Blogging Directory.

    Stacey Campfield will go down in history as a great pioneer alongside the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.