ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, JAN. 6 - A ray of sunlight in cast across a door handle on the Senate Floor of the Georgia State Capitol, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, in Atlanta. A more Republican General Assembly will convene in mid-January facing a familiar challenge: How to absorb increasing health care costs in a state budget continually short on revenue. Medicaid questions, specifically the renewal of an expiring tax on hospitals' patient revenue, will dominate the session. But there's no shortage of intrigue on education policy, gun laws in the wake of a Connecticut shooting, and the political structure of a state Senate that looks to emerge from dysfunction. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

In Georgia, The Republican Speaker’s Staff Attacks Christians

David Ralston, Georgia’s embattled Speaker of the House, is in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and gay rights activists. He is adamantly opposed to passing any religious liberty protections in the state. Neither a state level RFRA nor a state level First Amendment Defense Act will pass because the Speaker, on behalf of his allies in the gay community and Chamber of Commerce, are opposed. Now he has gone a step further. He is unleashing his general counsel, Terry Chastain, to verbally assault Christians inside the state capitol building in Atlanta.

Multiple Christians, including State Senator Josh McKoon, report that Terry Chastain, formerly a lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce, have yelled, berated, threatened, and cussed them out for wanting religious liberty protection.

McKoon reports that Chastain, in the halls of the state capitol, called McKoon several expletives and attacked McKoon for speaking out against legislation Speaker Ralston drummed up to give state house members cover for opposing religious liberty protections.

Other Christians report similar treatment by Chastain.

Speaker Ralston has neither made Chastain apologize publicly nor terminated his employment.

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