FILE - In this Tuesday, March 27, 2012 file photo, Amy Brighton from Medina, Ohio, who opposes health care reform, holds a sign in front of the Supreme Court in Washington during a rally as the court continues arguments on the health care law signed by President Barack Obama. Entrenched political divisions over "Obamacare" have driven most Republican-led states to turn their backs on the biggest expansion of the social safety net in a half century. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

In Iowa, Obamacare Is Repealing Itself

Adam Smith continues to have more success repealing Obamacare than the House GOP.

Iowa, which has seen a steady departure of insurance carriers is on the cusp of losing its final major insurance provider, Medica.  The Minnesota based insurer announced that it will not offer individual policies in Iowa for 2018.

According the Des Moines Register, this move would leave over 70,000 Iowans with zero available options for 2018.  Zero.  Even at the nadir of the Cold War, Soviets still had at least one car company.  Iowans won’t even be able to stand in line for a “Lada” class insurance plan next year.

Its hard to imagine a more perfect picture of left wing economics than being fined for not purchasing a product which regulations have made unavailable to you.

Obamacare “essential benefits” mandates, along with community rating rules,  were supposed to make sure that everyone had top notch insurance.  But in the real world, that means that the government has made it illegal to offer a cheaper plan which doesn’t cover birth control, drug addiction, and syphillis screenings, even if that’s what the consumer wants.

First Aetna, then Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and now Medica have seen the world created by Obamacare, at least in Iowa, and they want no part of it.  The market has decided that Obamacare needs to die.  Hopefully Congressional Republicans will get that memo too.



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