In Praise of Westin

Christy and I are in New Orleans with Evelyn. I’ve got a conference to attend the rest of the week and we figured we’d make a vacation out of it.

We stayed at the Westin because they are always kind enough to upgrade me to a suite, which I specifically reserved for this trip. We wanted to be able to have a separate living area so Christy and I would not have to go to sleep at the same time as Evelyn.

When we checked in they told me they had put a roll away bed in the room already. We went to the room and it was (A) a regular room and (B) had no roll away — there wasn’t even enough room for one.

I showed the bellman our confirmation, which said “Executive Suite” on it.

He called downstairs, told them what had happened, and they moved us from room 2010 to room 2817, a small suite with a living area, bedroom, and bathroom that had french doors separating the living and sleeping area.

At 6pm I went out to grab us dinner and by the time I got back the manager had called Christy and said we could not stay in the suite. He also said they’d try to find us something comparable, but all he could promise was a deluxe room.

I got back and called the preferred guest line and made sure they knew we were aggravated and had specifically requested a suite because we had a two year old with us. While my confirmation email showed that, their computer showed all I had reserved was a deluxe room. I forwarded the lady my confirmation email and she said she’d call back.

She never did.

At 7pm the hotel manager called and said he’d found us a comparable suite with the same view and we absolutely had to move. They’d give us the night for free and give me double points. No problem, I thought.

They moved us down to Room 2126 at the end of the hall. The room opens into a foyer, which has a hallway leading to a dining room and living room with a 50″ plasma. There’s a kitchen and bathroom on one side. The other side of the suite has a bedroom as big as my house with another full bathroom, closet, and living area.

This thing is massive!

I’ve gone from being a Westin fan to a Westin fanatic.

Oh, I emailed the lady back at Starwood. She said the reason she didn’t call back is that the hotel manager wanted to surprise us. Heck yeah we’re surprised. Evelyn went from room to room shouting “yay room” before curling up in her own heavenly bed.

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  • We stayed at Westin when at General Assembly in Memphis last summer. Let me just say that it was the ritziest place we’ve ever lodged. If it weren’t so darn pricy, we’d make it the norm. We’ll have to stick to Holiday Inn.