In Support Of All Women

Today as thousands – perhaps even millions – march to show their support for the rights of women, let us pause to remember all women in our thoughts and prayers and to honor them with our support, respect, and love.

Remember all the women included among your family heritage – mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins.

Remember those who helped carve out this nation along the dusty wagon trails and out in the lonely frontier.

Remember those who have faced abuse and disrespect during the darker moments of our history.

Remember the one who gave birth to the Savior of all mankind before ever knowing a man.

Lift up the women around you. Tell them all how much you value them. And don’t stop with just telling – show them that you value them every single day.

And finally, on this day in particular, pause to remember the more than 30 million American women who have been slaughtered on the altar of convenience, with the full approval and even support of our federal government for 44 years. Our nation has committed – is still committing – a most heinous sin, arguably the most heinous in the history of the human race. Today of all days, pray that the eyes of those out there marching – indeed, the eyes of all our people – will be opened, that we will realize the error of our ways, and that we will repent and mourn each individual life we’ve ended so early.

Today, let us remember that every woman is of immeasurable value. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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Tim Thomas

Christian home schooling father of 4 (plus one), married to the same incredible woman 26 years. Public high school and (current) college mathematics educator 14 years. Former sports writer and machinist. Proud Cruz voter.

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