In TN-08, Support Hunter Baker for Congress

My friend Hunter Baker is running for Congress in Tennessee. It is an open seat with Congressman Fincher retiring. The 8th congressional district covers western Tennessee, from Fayette and Tipton counties in the southwest to Weakley and Henry counties in the northeastern part of the district.

I have known Hunter for years. I have seen him grow in his career. He’s a Christian academic with a heart for people. He cares deeply about the fight for religious liberty in the country. His book, The End of Secularism, was a much needed tome on the clash between the religious and secular in America.

National Review metioned Hunter’s race the other day. RedState has come on board. I’m happy to lend my name to Hunter’s campaign.

Hunter is currently a professor at Union University in Jackson, TN. His wife is a doctor — as in an M.D. Hunter himself has degrees in economics and politics. He’s worked in the private sector and in the non-profit sector. He would be a great addition to Congress. I hope you’ll consider supporting him and I hope those of you in Tennessee will vote for him.

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