In Turkey, Hoping for a Trump Presidency

Spend some time reading this.:

History is full of examples of charismatic figures winning over the support of the masses to destroy otherwise balanced political systems. Democracy is messy and under Trump, American democracy too could get messier.

I can hear you say, “We have the First Amendment, we have the Supreme Court, a long tradition of free speech” and so on. Well, don’t be so confident. Look at Germany, ready to indict a comic for an offensive poem about the Turkish president. Look around Europe where racist parties are on the rise. Look to Poland which, despite the lessons from World War II and the Communist era, is now succumbing to a government bent on reshaping the judiciary. A decade ago Turkey itself was an exemplary Muslim democracy well on track for European Union membership — today, we’ve been reduced to a middle of the road autocracy. Oh well.

Seriously, read it all.

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