In Virginia – The Swamp Voted and The Swamp Won

On the heels of Tuesday’s election, Democrats and the MSM are awfully smug, all echoing the party line that the New Jersey and Virginia Democratic gubernatorial victories foreshadow a 2018 Democratic electoral tsunami.  Concurrently, the conservative never-trumpers are slyly gleeful. To them, this is proof that their endless prognostications that the impending burst of  Trump bubble has begun, with Virginia being Exhibit A.

At a macro level, both conversations seems somewhat on target. However, following the threads down the rabbit hole show facts that not only seem to disprove their thesis, but in actuality negate them.

The New Jersey election can be dismissed quite quickly. If this election weren’t following two terms of a high profile Republican, this would just be another dark blue Democratic state electing yet another Democratic governor. Not only is New Jersey overwhelmingly liberal, Gov. Christie gave the voters no reason to continue to vote Republican. He is brash loudmouth, tainted with a petty scandal involving creating traffic jams at a bridge. Additionally, Mr. Christie evidently thought it was good local politics to be a Dallas Cowboy football fan, and pictures of him lounging in the owner’s box undoubtably didn’t win him the love of Garden State citizens. The results of this race was a simple reversion to the norm. Nothing more, nothing less.

But it’s in Virginia where the facts are misunderstood and distorted. Yes, Democrats came out in larger than average numbers. Yes, Democrats proved to be highly engaged voters. And yes, in some area suburbs went against the norm, and voted Democratic, not Republican. Also, it doesn’t seem Republicans were either enthused or motivated to bring victory to Mr. Ed. Gillespie.

But Virginia isn’t a normal state, and these talking points are too simplistic and distort reality. First of all, Virginia is a blue state. Calling it purple just isn’t correct. It might not be deep blue, but it is at least a nice Carolina blue. While Mr. Trump won traditionally democratic states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania; Virginia went for Hillary Clinton by 5 percent over Mr. Trump. Republican it’s not.

The outgoing governor, Terry McAuliffe is a life-long Democratic Party hack, being tied to the Clintons for decades. He was Co-Chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1996 Presidential reelection campaign, was the DNC Chairman for several years, and was Chairman of Hillary’s first presidential campaign.

But the real issue was northern Virginia demographics. Hillary won this region of the state by over 20 percentage points. Northern Virginia is basically a suburb bedroom community to our nation’s capital; therefore, it’s no small wonder the federal government is by far the largest employer.

There is perhaps no liberal Democratic group more highly aggrieved toward President Trump than public sector unions, which are essentially federal government employees. They are the swamp he is attempting to clean out, and they have resisted him since the beginning. Considering some of the deep state shenanigans, voting against Mr. Gillespie was perhaps the most ethical and legal method of resistance against the President they’ve attempted thus far.

Have no doubt, the deep state hates Mr. Trump. They cannot abide the thought of him in the White House. Whether it’s Mr. Tillerson either clearing out the State Department, or Mrs. DeVos shaking up the Education Department,  or Mr. Pruitt completely rearranging the EPA, or ICE rounding up illegal aliens, most federal employees in DC have been in an enraged snit since election night a year ago.

When you top all of this off with a bland, uninspiring, establishment Republican candidate with deep ties to the Bush family and the RNC, an 8% win for the Democrat is easy to understand and even predict.

These facts, a highly enthused single-issue Democrat base, a much higher percentage of suburbanites voting Democrat and an under motivated Republican base doesn’t mean the final results can be extrapolated to any other state. There are too many distinctives attached to the commonwealth, not the least of which is the bureaucratic deep-state’s hatred of our President.

Perhaps the best way to see these results is as an affirmation for the President Trump. He must be doing something right for these swamp things to have such an abiding animus against him. And it is this continuing rage which will rebound to his favor in fly-over country in 2018. You know,,,where the basket of bible clutching, gun clinging, beer drinking deplorables live?

There’s a Deep South saying: “If you wrestle a pig, don’t be surprised if you wind up filthy.”  Well, the swamp has voted, and the swamp MSM is now cheering the victory as some kind of long-term indicator of Trump ruination. But it’s really just swamp things doing what swamp things do. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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