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  • I’m not sure which would be worse — having missed seeing it, or actually seeing it like I did. I felt a million emotions at once. Obviously, I was proud, but also felt this compelling need to make my way over to her to support her if she fell. Then I realized this is how she learns, and just go with it. But it really was hard leaving the room this morning with her sitting up like a big girl, just smiling at me the whole time. I think she knew she was doing something amazing.

  • Wish we had been there. Much more wonderful than flying multicolored balls, although it is interesting to see what ones grown children find interesting. The colored balls bouncing are rather like watching fish swimming in an aquarium. However, the action on the homefront is much more exciting and much more wonderful and we know that you know that and long to be there. We await latest photos in motion with sounds.

  • Erick,
    If it makes you feel any better. The first time you see her do it, you will be just as proud. She’ll do it all over again for her Dad. Chin up.


  • Can’t look at it that way, Erick. She has SOOOO many things to do for the first time…you WILL be in the front row for many of them……otherwise neither you nor Christy could ever turn away for even five seconds!