In Which I Hurl

Well, I finally did it this morning. I was screaming for Christy. Poor Evelyn. I knew she had a dirty diaper, but when I opened it, both the front and back seams had ripped open and millions of tiny bits of crystalized pee were all up her front and all up her back and everywhere else — in addition to the sticky nastiness down below.

Oh dear. My eyes waters, my throat clenched, I started gagging and sneezing. It was awful. Thank God for Christy. Now, why are these darned things tearing open? This is the third one that has done that to me.

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  • Congrats on the Little One.

    And I believe it is just the early stages of training for her eventual release into the world. I fear that day, when any manner of scary and dangerous thing could happen to them, and my kids are still young.

    Take good care of both of them.

  • Ha! Ha! Eric, Welcome to being a Father, been there, done that and boy does it stink. All you can do is roll with it and enjoy.

  • Infants seem to have “something” deep inside them that make diapers rip and spill moreso than they do once they get older. Hang in there!