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Incest and Mental Defect: The American Political Press Edition

Mental retardation is one of many severe and devastating side effects from inbreeding. We are seeing that on display in the American political press right now. As Democrats and leftwing activists cross over into the political press posing as objective reporters and objective reporters become Democrat operatives, the inbreeding in the NYC-DC corridor has taken new and frightful turns.

The most recent turn is a self-obsessed paranoia. The Democrat-press has now fallen for at least one dozen false reports that have had to be retracted about Russia and the Trump campaign. From Russia hacking our power grid to Scaramucci’s ties to a Russian investment group, the press has had to apologize. The inbreeding of Democrats and the political press has rendered their brains incapable of objectively processing any information that does not already conform to their world view. They have lost that ability.

If you were to tell the political press that Donald Trump talks in his sleep in Russian, it’d be front page in the New York Times tomorrow with wall to wall coverage on several news networks. The once respected political press has lost all reason and sense as it has gotten in bed with its brothers and sisters in the Democratic Party and churned out offspring in skinny jeans with journalism degrees and Warby Parker glasses.

And now we have the story of a fake Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump. Overnight it was the most shared story on Twitter among national reporters, with various reporters tweeting, retweeting, and otherwise commenting on it. The President has figured this out, but the mental defects of the Democrat-press corps inbreeding prevents the press from figuring out the obvious. Every time the President mentions “fake news” or insults the press, the press immediately dedicates the entirety of its coverage to the insults and ignores any and all news anyone cares about.

And since the relationship between Democrats and the press corps is so incestuous and both DC Democrats and DC reporters care about the press, inside their bubble they are convinced it is the biggest story of the day.

Outside their bubble, the American press has a popular approval rating lower than splatter on the back side of a toilet bowl. It only helps the President when the press obsesses over photoshopped Time magazine covers and whether or not the President is treating the press well.

No one else cares. Increasingly no one cares because it is obvious that the political press in Washington is just the inbred child of leftwing partisans who, when next a Democrat resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, will leave their “objective” reporter perches to actively become federal employees.

I dare say many of the reporters out there obsessing over the President’s war with the press are people who had already prepared their resumes to work for Hillary Clinton and are now bitterly angry they’ve been denied a federal government funded retirement plan.

One last point here that cannot be overstated — there are some damn fine journalists in Washington and New York who are obsessively fair, even recognizing their own biases and seeking out alternative opinions to compensate for those biases. And all those people are getting dragged down by the clowns who cannot be bothered to fact check simple statements because the story they have already satisfies their leftwing world view. It is a great shame that good people are being diminished and dragged down by a bunch of Democrat operatives who have decided to become reporters. Many of the great reporters really want Republicans to stand up and hold the President accountable because they are concerned about his antics and have legitimate reason to be concerned. But perhaps these great reporters should also stand up and very loudly tell their colleagues to slow down the witch hunts, innuendo, and repeatedly retracted fake news stories.

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