WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 06: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers remarks after being presented the 2013 Tom Lantos Human Rights Prize December 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. Clinton received the award for her work in the areas of women's rights and internet freedom. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Indiana Republicans Hand Hillary Clinton the White House

A lot of us said Donald Trump would never get this far. To do so we had to ignore all the polling and data and we did. We could not conceive of a Republican Party committing suicide. But now, Trump’s supporters have to ignore all the polling and data to move further and presume he can win in November.

The truth is that Trump cannot win. 42% of Republican voters have an unfavorable view of Trump. 53% of registered voters have an unfavorable view of Trump. 70% of women have an unfavorable view of Trump. 89% of Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump.

The Republican Party is on the verge of nominating the least popular politician in American presidential history. Ironically, the party’s voters are doing it to spite its own leaders, but its leaders prefer Trump to the other guy.

The result will be Hillary Clinton winning in November. Trump cannot build a meaningful coalition outside of blue collar white voters, white supremacists, and internet conspiracy theorists. The rest of the voting public no more wants Trump than herpes.

Already Trump supporters are setting the stage for Trump’s defeat in November, blaming those of us who have declared ourselves “never Trump” for his loss. But Trump’s loss will be squarely on him and those who chose to support him while ignoring the overwhelming evidence that the American public would reject him.

Republican voters have deluded themselves into thinking 40% of the Republican Party equaled the “will of the people.” The Republican Party is the smaller of the two political parties and a majority of registered voters view Trump unfavorably.

With the results of the Indiana GOP tonight, the Republican Party is voting for suicide, handing the White House to Hillary Clinton, and handing the Supreme Court to the left for a generation at least.

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