Instapundit Temporarily Suspended From Twitter For Urging Self Defense

Twitter is not even handed in its suspensions. A leftwing activist can encourage the gang raping of Sarah Palin and Twitter’s management will offer protection. But Glenn Reynolds, a law professor, can urge self-defense of citizenry and Twitter will suspend him.

Glenn, who goes by @instapundit on Twitter, put up this tweet.


Before you get on your high horse that he is urging violence, protestors in Charlotte have been attacking innocent people. Here is a man begging for his life in a parking garage as protestors attack him.

We should also remember the attack on Reginald Denny during riots in Los Angeles. After police were acquitted for what they did to Rodney King, Denny just happened to be in his truck when rioters pulled him out and beat him.

Glenn Reynolds is a law professor and certainly knows legal standards. He also knows his history. Protestors surrounding and intimidating innocent people on an interstate is trouble waiting to happen. Those innocent people have a right to defend themselves and extricate themselves from danger, including by stepping on the gas and getting the hell out of danger.

But Twitter suspended Reynolds for suggesting what many other people who suggest.

It is a bias on Twitter’s part that they’ll turn a blind eye to leftwing protestors and suspend a law professor urging self defense. Likewise, the left gets outraged, but lacks a sense of history. They probably all had to click the link to be reminded of who Reginald Denny is.

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