Jon McClellan Podcast Interview

Interview with Ted Cruz’s Grassroots Point Man

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Ted Cruz knew his race needed to be a Grassroots victory, and Jon McClellan helped lead that effort!

This week we’re continuing our time in Cruz World. I wouldn’t blame you for wondering if we’re turning into the Cruz Campaign podcast but that’s not quite what we’re doing. The fact is that I’ve spent years in the trenches with these guys and have seen up close and personally how good they are at what they do and they’ve been kind enough to share some of their experiences with us.

Jon McClellan is a proud Baylor Bear and alumni of a long list of successful races here in Texas. He’s worked in the Texas Capitol, for Governor Perry and 7 years ago he was brought on as the number 4 hire to the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign.

Following Cruz’s election to the United States senate, Jon served as his Statewide Outreach Director and later as a Regional Political Director on Ted’s Presidential Campaign.

Today, he’s the Director of Outreach for Public Blueprint, where he helps craft and deploy creative strategies in the arena of public and government affairs as well as grassroots organizing and digital advocacy.

Jon lives in Sugar Land, Texas with his bride Sarah and beautiful daughter Mary Beth.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Jon McClellan on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the Public Blueprint Website!

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

00:00 Intro

00:26 Jon McClellan Bio

01:45 Jon’s background and political story

06:09 First experience volunteering for a Presidential Campaign

10:00 How did your work ethic and belief that ‘no job is too small’ help kickstart your career?

13:40 How did you make the transition from college to paying work in politics?

16:48 Working in the Texas Capitol

20:40 Joining Gov. Perry’s 2010 Re-Election Campaign

23:40 What did the Perry 2010 experience teach you about running statewide elections in Texas?

31:41 Joining the Cruz Crew

35:48 How did you go about building the core support among Texas’ Conservative leaders?

38:50 Building the Endorsement Snowball

41:50 Matching your Campaign Style to the Candidate

43:56 Duck Costume Story

48:54 How did y’all build such an effective statewide network and meet their needs?

57:26 In what ways did that network of relationships help you in your role as State Outreach Director for Senator Cruz?

59:56 Representing constituents even when you don’t agree with them

1:02:00 What are you doing now, with Public Blueprint?

1:08:42 What advice do you have for potential candidates or staff who are wondering what to do next?

1:11:00 Jonathan McClellan Contact info and Outro

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