Iowa Rejects Donald Trump’s Politics of Jackassery By 75%

Donald Trump has run his campaign as a jackass. His online supporters have banded together as an online mob attacking everyone angrily. His opponents have been targeted by neo-nazis, white power advocates, and an angry mob willing to sell their souls to an unknown.

Iowa decisively rejected the politics of jackassery tonight. Trump, on the force of his personality, could not carry the state. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both relentlessly covered the state, built ground game operations, and shared positive visions for the future.

Trump attacked, attacked, and attacked. He sold no positive vision, just discord and anger.

Iowa has rejected that.

Now we can hope the rest of the nation will as well.

Trump could have worked to bring people together, but he back the Barack Obama of the GOP, encouraging his supporters to harass and bully people. But they would not get out to vote for him.

Iowa did the nation proud.

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